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  • Andrea Cabrera Roa

"Empty Promises Down the Line?"

@OxfamAmerica researchers, in collaboration with Clark Faculty and students*, present a report that highlights the risks of the East African Crude Oil pipeline (EACOP) for communities located along the proposed pipeline corridor in Uganda and Tanzania.

"A respondent in Tanganyika village reported that over 200 of the mango and oranges trees on his farm would be cut down and that he had been promised by an EACOP project representative, working for a subcontractor, that there will be more benefits to cover his lost crops: ‘They told me I would be provided with health care, accommodation and food as well as paying rent and education for my children for the entire period of infrastructure construction.’ The respondent was not given a written document of these promises but relied on the meeting minutes he assumed would be at the village office".

Access to full report:

Key highlights:

* Collaborators: John Rogan, Florencia Sangermano, Marc Healy and Nick Geron

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