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  • Andrea Cabrera Roa

Global Extraction Film Festival 2021

Streaming Online | September 9-12, 2021 | #GEFF2021 | #GlobalExtractionAction

GEFF2021 Program 2: Focus on the Americas

The Focus on the Americas Program offers 100+ documentaries and urgent shorts from 30 countries in the Americas. These films, a combination of documentaries, news programming, YouTube content, and series, are listed first with regional films, then alphabetically by country, starting with Argentina and ending with Venezuela.

Click here to access GEFF2021 Program 2

GEFF2021 Special Events

Along with the four film programs, GEFF2021 facilitates special events in the form of online panel discussions about extractive industries and their impacts on specific places and peoples, as well as Q&A with filmmakers.

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